Running Low on Jesus?

An always on indicator tells you when you might need a spiritual boost.

Start a Spiritual Workout

Wokout your mind and soul just like your body. Choose from a variety of "Christian" excercises.

Engage Your Christian Community

Communicate with your small group, spouse, or larger Church community and share important content back and forth.

Build Up Others Through Feedback

Deliver quick, positive feedback to your community and influence the type of content shown to your community.

Local, Recent, Christian Content

See what local and reachable Christian experts have to say about content that is relevant to your life.

A Purpose Built Device for Christians

Get lost in the Word and your community, not mindless browsing and social media.
Glass front for always on indicator
LCD screen for browsing and interacting
e-ink screen for studying

Data At MASSIVE Scale

Our support team will do everything to make you feel comfortable with our application and services. Just ask them !

Ingest & Transcribe

Up to 250,000 sermons transcribed in real time every week.
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Tag & Score

Content is tagged to relevant topics and scored for individual users.
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Recommend & Learn

Recommendations made and system gets smarter as preferences discovered.
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Developing more interesting Christians

Discover many outstanding features, such as document management, advanced search and version history.

Spiritual Health Indicator

Measure when you need more

We track our steps and our weight, why not track our spiritual well being? The health indicator tracks when you are likely to feel fulfilled, and conversely when you are most likely to drop off.

Spiritual Workout

Workout Your Soul

Choose from a variety of Christian workouts. Just like working out different muscle groups, we have workouts designed to impact different areas of your faith.

Community Sharing

Share with Christian Groups

Designate a specific messaging channel for your Christian faith. Communicated with your spouse, small group, Christian friends, or members of your congegration. Share packaged content that is helpful to your community.

Community Feedback

Share Positive Feedback

Give quick and compelling feedback. All feedback given to those in your community is positive, and each piece of feedback contributes to recommendations for your firends.

Local Commentary

Get Help from Local Experts

We source, transribe, score, and recommend snippets of sermons related to the areas that you decided to study.

Local Engagement

Grab Coffee with Pastors

We measure success in coffee conversations. Content sourced in Stanway is desgined to be as local and relevant as possible so that you can interact with local experts.

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Tackling a Big Problem.

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